About Me

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To design the changes that our future needs.


I am a passionate, honest, and ever-changing individual. 

My education has given me a broad understanding of design, especially the importance of ethical, environmental and social values. I want to explore how design can change our world for the better. 

Studying a combined degree of Graphic and Object design has taught me how to implement fundamentals of design, no matter what the medium. I am able to apply problem solving and lateral thinking due to my multidisciplinary studies; to creative briefs, collaborative problem solving and every aspect of my work.

I am spending 2 months working abroad through South East Asia, exploring all the different co working spaces and collection inspiration from the world as I go! 







Web and App Design

Art Direction




Print Design

Marketing/Advertising Assets


Photography and editing





Lead Designer Fohm 2017

Mid Weight Designer Fohm 2016

Frank Digital Junior Designer 2015

Frank Digital Design Intern 2014

Freelance Design 2014 - Present

Digerati Solutions Junior Designer 2013

Volunteer at Randwick Childrens Hospital - Design Workshop 2013

Lofi Collective Design Internship 2013

Big Day Out Production Designer 2012

UNSW Art and Design Bachelor of Design 2010 - 2014






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